Welcome Fellow Fundraisers!

There may be close to a half million blogs in the world today.  But few focus squarely on the issues that bring us together every day as fundraisers.

We need to know where the money is, especially in the midst of today’s crisis economy.  We need to know how to get our jobs done more efficiently and effectively since there are few of us and the needs are many.  We need to see and share the best practices for getting our organizations–and, yes, ourselves!–to the next level.

Oh, and we could use a laugh once in a while, too!

On this blog, I’ll be posting news and other items that don’t often make it into the pages of the Chronicle and rarely bubble to the surface of the New York Times or a Google search result but are nonetheless essential reading for people who want to know what’s what.  I will also rave and rant a bit about some of the issues that concern us as the primary spokespeople for our various causes and missions.

If this is worth reading, it won’t always be popular.  I hope to advance a few ideas that are on the edges.  And I’ll look forward to hearing from you when I’m right…and when I’m wrong.

Let’s get started…


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