Jay’s Top Tweets on Philanthropy and Fundraising: 11/28 – 12/4/2009

  1. Barron’s list of the 25 most effective givers. http://ow.ly/GvvY Via@lblumenthal Wonder how many are on Twitter?
  2. Find (most of) Barron’s “Best 25 Givers” on Twitter here: http://ow.ly/GZOT
  3. RT @rosettathurman: Shawn says philanthropic institutions don’t really have authentic relationships w/communities of colorhttp://ow.ly/HT8U
  4. A New Twitter List: NPO Bloggers of Color on Twitter:http://ow.ly/HRna Inspired by @RosettaThurman‘s blog (http://ow.ly/HQqn)
  5. RT @PamelaGrow: Twitter declared most popular word of 2009: http://ow.ly/H7SC
  6. 6 agencies subjective measures of NPO effectiveness vs. overhead ratios measuring efficiency: http://ow.ly/HXaM What’s better?
  7. Carrie Underwood gives $200,000 to The Humane Society of the United States http://ow.ly/IGuq
  8. A stock exchange for charities? http://ow.ly/HB2G I say: It’s about time! What do you think? Comment!
  9. Brilliant, fun & quick video on ROI for social media from@equalmanhttp://ow.ly/IiTq Show it to the doubters at your org!
  10. The Top 100 Global Thinkers from Foreign Policy Magazine:http://ow.ly/Hc4W Via @OnlyFoundations@acumenfund

Other less popular but arguably equally important items tweeted this week include:

  • a gift of $10 million from Jeff Bezos to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (http://ow.ly/IGq3);
  • an anonymous contribution of $2.5 million to Catholic University (http://ow.ly/IGsn);
  • Dr. Marques Allen’s donation of $100,000 to Rowan University (http://ow.ly/IGte);
  • an uplifting survey by the Red Cross on giving this season (http://ow.ly/IA03);
  • an article on the growth of organized philanthropy in the Arab world (http://ow.ly/HwfW);
  • coverage on the trend of major donors to look for ROI and transparency in giving (http://ow.ly/IzCG); and,
  • a continuous stream of great fundraising and research job openings around the world.

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  1. Social Media ROI is a great video. I bet most of even those who are aware of the need to invest in social media would have an idea of the extent of its impact until they see this video. A big THANK YOU.

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