Jay’s Top Tweets on Philanthropy and Fundraising: 12/5 – 12/11/2009

  1. @rosettathurman posts her “Top 20 Nonprofit News Sources and Thought Leaders on Twitter” http://ow.ly/Ki9V
  2. What’s the best nonprofit to work for in 2009? Nominate yours today! http://ow.ly/IHrz
  3. Philanthropist @jnovogratz of @acumenfund named one of the “25 Smartest People of the Decade” http://ow.ly/KfcR Via@KepplerSpeakers
  4. Lorry Lokey gives $110M to Silicon Valley Community Foundation http://ow.ly/Ko1j
  5. John Cuneo Jr. gives $50 million estate to Loyola Universityhttp://ow.ly/JD5b
  6. The controversy over charity gift cards http://ow.ly/KYgX How do you use gift cards at your organization?
  7. RT @sdeclomesnil: 86% of US women have a profile on at least one social network http://ow.ly/L2MI Complete study:http://ow.ly/L3de
  8. @Philanthropy reports congress agrees to @BarackObama ‘s $50M Social Innovation Fund http://ow.ly/KARd Is this what NPOs really need?
  9. Facebook Will Be Google-able (If Your Profile is Set to Public)http://ow.ly/JEUO
  10. Update on the Chase $5M charitable giveaway on FB!http://ow.ly/KYnx Have you voted? Tonight’s the deadline!http://ow.ly/KYqw

Other less popular but arguably equally important items tweeted this week include:

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