Jay’s Top Tweets on Philanthropy and Fundraising: 1/2 – 1/8/2010

  1. RT @Heifer: Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss selling one favor on eBay to raise $ for Heifer. Auction now at $15K: http://ow.ly/UkBq
  2. Over 75% of ultra-high net worth individuals say philanthropy is an important part of their lives http://ow.ly/TkBe
  3. Online giving grew 46% in ’09! How did you do? See@SMacLaughlin‘s review of @blackbaud ‘s online giving data! http://ow.ly/SXTA
  4. Donors! Look what can happen if you don’t properly earmark donations! http://ow.ly/SDMB A trend? I hope not!
  5. RT @GrameenFdn: Alex Counts presents “Future of Microfinance: Leveraging the Platform” in HK 1/21/10http://ow.ly/SXin #microfinance
  6. Need inspiration? How small acts of #philanthropy transformed a family! See the #waterbuffalomovie: http://ow.ly/Tlia
  7. Vote to help @Project7 decide which charities should receive their share of $105,000 http://ow.ly/TLmO
  8. You can raise money for charity on Twitter! Ask actress and Twitter-powered activist @Alyssa_Milanohttp://ow.ly/UfBc Awesome!
  9. The Chinese Corporate Philanthropy Index http://ow.ly/Uht5
  10. Why the downturn has been good for charity: http://ow.ly/SDT0 An Australian perspective. But true in many places, right?

Following are some less popular but arguably equally important items tweeted this week, organized by category:

Individual Giving

Foundation Giving

Corporate Philanthropy




  • @footnoted‘s Worst Footnotes of the Year: A must for prospect researchers & other corporate wealth watchers:http://ow.ly/SEwx
  • Farshid Jahedi, former head of the Alavi Foundation, admits to obstructing grand jury probe http://ow.ly/T4pY

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