Jay’s Top Tweets on Philanthropy and Fundraising: 1/23 – 1/29/2010

  1. Miss the fun at #CASENAIS? Interested in the fundraising environment at independent schools? Check the stream!http://ow.ly/10Jne
  2. RT @Lawson_David: DonorTrends & ZoomInfo announce new fundraising tool http://ow.ly/10AKP
  3. RT @amykincaid: Can we change the #philanthropy /#nonprofit dance? http://ow.ly/11olN Yes, when BOTH parties willingly share power!
  4. Billionaire Philanthropy and Haiti: The Good, The Bad, The Uglyhttp://ow.ly/10PYO
  5. Inspiring! 7 year old London boy has raised £170,000 so far for@UNICEF to help kids in #Haiti http://ow.ly/116xM Via@dcruzin
  6. RT @deborah909: Michael Gilbert announces the Just Awards! Nominate someone today: http://ow.ly/10Pzg #philanthropy
  7. RT @PamelaGrow: For every $6 raised, more than $6 was lost due to donor attrition http://ow.ly/11jrQ #philanthropy
  8. Text-message donations aren’t just for teens! See the survey by @facebook@NielsenWire on giving for #Haitihttp://ow.ly/ZTHQ
  9. Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne yesterday revealed he is to visit disaster-struck #Haiti http://ow.ly/11WJT
  10. Somali pirates play Robin Hood, say they’ll give some loot to#Haiti. Arrrrgggghhh! http://ow.ly/11WD8 Is this for real?

There were many other significant items of interest as well.  Following are some of the most important “tweets” in the field of philanthropy and fundraising over the last week, organized by category:

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