Sealed With A Kiss

I love my school.  That is, my high school, Interlochen Center for the Arts.  I just came back from my thirtieth high school reunion–yes, I am THAT old!–and was surprised to have never been asked for support.  Sure, they did show us what had changed, told us that support was needed, even provided details on the shockingly low levels of alumni giving to the institution.  So why were we never buttonholed?  That is a mystery I attempt to solve and resolve in my most recent Fundraising Sherpa blog post, “Love Letter to My Alma Mater,” which provides a 14 point plan for taking alumni from confused to enthused!  Of course, I strongly suspect the absence of an “ask” is not unique to any particular educational institution.  Do take a read and let me know if this perscription for alumni engagement at a reunion makes sense to you!