Coming soon to a mobile device near you!

Nonprofits have been mad for mobile since the outpouring of support in the wake of the Haiti Earthquake.  Yet text fundraising is the main beneficiary of this interest, despite its significant limitations, such as caps on giving amounts, delays in receipt of funds and the inability to obtain donor information to acknowledge support and build relationships.  Companies have been busy working to address these problems in a way that won’t break the bank for nonprofits already under tremendous financial pressure.  One which recently emerged is Give.Mobi, a relatively inexpensive mobile platform which makes giving easier for organizations and, more importantly, for the rapidly expanding universe of donors who are no longer tied to their desktops.  Give.Mobi is initiating #GiveMonday to promote mobile giving and I asked the company’s CEO, Bob Jones, about this new effort to tap the goodwill of twitter for the financial benefit of nonprofits.