Warming Up for Cold Calling

The time has come.  You must pick up the phone.  To call a stranger.  A stranger who has been giving to your organization for years.  But has never, ever heard from you.  Do you know what to do?

Armando Zumaya, a veteran fundraiser now serving as Chief Development Officer at the Center for Public Integrity, has years of experience working through endless calls to reach and develop relationships with millionaires and billionaires.  And now he’s sharing that experience in a virtual training program that is rare in the nonprofit world.

“In the for profit world, people spend a great deal of money teaching sales people how to cold call.  How to get to people you don’t know.  People you should know,” Armando explains.  “In these difficult times, there are excellent prospects in your community, people giving to causes similar to yours, and you have no clear way of reaching them.  You don’t know anyone who knows them.  Often you have to call them directly to reach them.”

Armando will provide a special webinar on “Cold Calling and Prospecting for Development Officers” on September 15 through FundraisingInfo.com.  He will provide a practical, tactical and real-world anecdote filled training to get fundraisers on the phone and out the door.

“These days with the economy being crunched and people losing major donors, you want to bring in new major donors.  You need to replace them to keep your organization’s head above water,” he says.

See how two years of persistence on the phone led to one $5 million gift in this video preview…