Today’s Bake Sale is on Twitter

In promotions for her new book Twitter for Good, author and leader of social innovation at the company Claire Diaz Ortiz says that every nonprofit should have an account (with a specific goal in mind) and that one of the first things every account holder should do is start tweeting.

These are two commonsense pieces of advice that are somehow often lost on organizations waiting for the perfect time, strategy and examples before getting started.

Others like CEO4Teens, a group founded by two US teenage students who wanted to make educational opportunity available for young people in Indonesia, just jump right in.  And it works.

What organizations with a specific goal in mind are finding is that today’s Bake Sale is on Twitter…and Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.  These organizations are simply going where the people are.  And since they are interested in making social change real, and not just promoting ideas, they are monetizing that activity, too.  In short, they are asking for money.

In this edition of Today in Fundraising, I interview Brooks Dyroff, Co-Founder of CEO4Teens about their current Twitter & YouTube campaign and how it is funding new educational opportunities for young people all the way from Boston to Indonesia.

Take a look and see how a small, volunteer-run charity can use free pathways like Twitter to invite support and make change happen now.