Where the donors are…

David and Lori Lawson, founders of WorkingPhilanthropy.com, have a bone to pick with many nonprofits.

“We do not understand why fundraisers are reluctant to use [social media] as they should,” says Lori, pointing out that one of the main reasons to employ social networks is that “the donors who have major gift potential are there and talking to each other.”

Finding them and knowing how to interpret and apply the information they are providing openly about their interests just takes a bit of training.

“There are a lot of people out there doing business on social media,” David says.  He cites the “entrepreneurs and the investors who make their dreams come true” as two populations of particular interest, adding that “we are just beginning to see firms emerge that are helping to connect the social media world with [a nonprofit’s] database.”

David and Lori provide a few tips for fundraisers and prospect researchers curious about how to make the best use of social media in this short interview in advance of their forthcoming webinar on “Social Media: Where the Cool Donors, and the Smart Fundraisers, Are”


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