For nearly thirty years, Jay Frost has worked in every corner of the resource development spectrum, from grantmaking to grantseeking and from buying products from vendors to developing them for the market, serving thousands of not-for-profit organizations and companies in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Jay’s robust background makes him uniquely to advise not-for-profit organizations and for-profit companies alike in a variety of core business activities, including but not limited to:

  • Prospect identification, research, and management
  • Domestic and international philanthropic market analyses
  • Fundraising strategies in both traditional and new media environments
  • Screening service evaluation, procurement ,and implementation
  • Product & marketing strategies for the fundraising marketplace

Here are just a few of the things clients and industry leaders say about Jay:

“Jay Frost has exhibited a deep commitment to the nonprofit world in a number of ways in his multi-faceted career. In particular, he has been a beacon of light and inspiration in the increasingly critical field of international fundraising and philanthropy. His breath of experience and activity over the past decade has indeed been wide ranging, giving over thirty talks a year in the US and abroad, as well as writing books, chapters and articles on international wealth and charity in a variety of publications. Jay has significant business experience, particularly in wealth identification and prospect research, that gives him a great degree of hard-earned credibility in the non-profit world. He has been inspiring European and other fundraising audiences both inside and outside the US during a time when the fundraising ‘game’ seriously needed to be raised. As the pressure on non-profits to do ‘more with less’ increases, so too will the need increase for major gift fundraising skills and performance. And so we will need Jay’s insights and inspiration for a long time to come.”– James Myers, Founder and President , European Association for Philanthropy and Giving

“Jay is a leader in understanding the subtleties and complexities of raising large gifts around the world. I first got to know him as a subscriber to his publication “International Fundraising”. As I got to know him better, I realized what an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience he has raising funds from wealthy individuals, foundations and corporations. I turn to him first, whenever I need information and advice on major gift fundraising at the global level. You can’t go wrong by seeking his advice and counsel.” Richard Pordes, CEO, Richard M Pordes LLC

“Jay is an exceptional advocate for the prospect development field and for the philanthropic community at large. His tremendous expertise combined with new ideas and a high level of integrity and sincerity gives one the necessary confidence to do more than conduct business, but rather to develop a close partnership that leads one to maximum results and success. Through business partnerships, speaking, and advising, Jay motivates people and organizations to achieve their best performance. It was through Jay’s promotion and encouragement that I began my involvement with APRA as a chapter leader, which eventually led to my role as president of the association. In fundraising today, Jay is a master of innovation and inspiration.” – Pamela Poland, Principal, Pamela Poland & Associates

“For the past decade I have known Jay Frost as someone who stands apart in thought leadership to the nonprofit sector. His insights and perspectives that help bridge the gap between what has been and what could be have helped to shape the directions of private sector and nonprofit organizations alike. Jay has been active in several communities of the sector, leading workshops, educational sessions and one-on one consulting. Those who get involved with him will find themselves more productive and more efficient at the end of the day.” – Terry Burton, President, Dig-In Research

“I highly recommend Jay Frost. Jay has tremendous leadership, entrepreneurial, and communication skills. He is constantly innovating, thinking of new ideas & building solutions for his clients’ most challenging problems. He is a natural leader with the ability to influence and guide his employees, peers, and management. Jay is also a great communicator who is able to articulate complex issues in a way that his audience can easily understand. Jay’s contributions to Wealth ID were many. He recognized the need for advanced training/consulting services to help our clients improve their fundraising efficiency and effectiveness. He identified opportunities abroad to build an international presence for the business. He drove the product strategy to include web-based tools that benefited fundraisers on a daily basis. He did all this while leading the sales effort, which dramatically improved under his tenure and exceeded expectations. In addition to the above, Jay is a fantastic person – I learned a great deal from him and was very fortunate to have been able to work with him.” – Rich Tierney, Financial Advisor, formerly President, CDA/Investnet

“Jay Frost is a new version of the old 3 R’s: Reliable; Reputation; and Remarkable. Jay is reliable in that he is constantly a pleasure to work with; does what he commits to in the time and way that you expect; and constantly pleases you, your colleagues and your volunteers with his depth of knowledge. His reputation is based on being a straight shooter, one who is enormously dedicated to the concept and goals of philanthropy; and as a teacher and friend who helps others also understand and enjoy them. Finally, Jay is a remarkable leader, challenger, creative thinker and motivator. He sees the big picture and, in creative ways, helps people see beyond the horizon to gain a full understanding of philanthropic endeavors.” – Kathy Wilson, Wilson Enterprises

“Jay is consistently brilliant, inventive, and forward-thinking. I could always count on him to have a solution to any problem and to go the extra mile.” Ann Coleman, Johns Hopkins University

“I’ve worked with Jay in all settings—hiring him to improve our organization’s fund raising performance, as colleague in the same market, and as business associate. He has that special combination of deep knowledge, ability to immediately identify the roadblocks and opportunities, and the wit and grace to make you enjoy pushing forward to succeed. I have found him to be consistently the best-received speaker on any circuit, with an exceptional ability to motivate and inspire.” – Andrew Portocarrero, Former Executive Vice President at World Security Institute

“Jay Frost’s dedication to the profession of resource development is inspiring to me. He gives so willingly of his time and knowledge as a volunteer and speaker, and genuinely cares about making a lasting, positive change in the world. Out of personal interest, he studies and tracks global trends in philanthropy but can also see granularity and solutions for the practical daily challenges of nonprofits. As a speaker, he translates these issues to audiences with wit and clarity. Working with Jay is always a pleasure!” – Helen Brown, President, The Helen Brown Group

“I have known Jay for many years and had the pleasure of working with him during my tenure at Thomson WealthID. He brings a wealth of knowledge and an unlimited supply of passion to every endeavor. Jay has a global perspective on philanthropy that he effectively combines with the experience of working for both non-profits and for-profits. Add to this his entrepreneurial adventures and you have a unique individual that I am happy to call a friend.” – David Lawson

For more information on how you can work with Jay to make your efforts an even greater success, call 571-426-6214 or send an email to