Rave Reviews


Jay conducts a master class for the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in Hong Kong

Here are a few of the rave reviews from conference organizers and industry leaders who have seen Jay at the podium or engaged Jay as a speaker:

“Excellent speaker, incisive analyst–go see (or hire) him!” – Steve Suda , Director, International Division , OOD, Stanford University

“Jay gave the best talk I have ever heard on donor demographics–specifically how our increasingly diversified U.S. population will affect professional development efforts. Who and how should we be reaching out to as new donors? Jay has the goods!” – Jule Meyer, Principal, Parkman Foundation Services

“Our chapter hired Jay as the keynote speaker for the APRA Florida annual conference. Having him in our promotional materials created a buzz and his presentation, ‘Stand Out’ delivered on the promise. He was fun and inspirational, engaging the audience and adroitly providing us with ideas on how we could achieve our career goals and anything else we might dream up. Not having heard Jay speak before I will be looking for the opportunity to hear him again. If you need a speaker, you should definitely contact Jay!” – Jennifer Filla, President, Aspire Research Group LLC

“Jay Frost was the keynote speaker for the California Advancement Researchers Association’s (CARA) 16th annual statewide conference. Jay’s talk was inspiring, humor-filled and thought-provoking. Jay has been a true leader in the development research profession and provides such wonderful insights and delightful testimonials. His session on International Research was also spectacular. Jay’s background and cultural engagement practically makes him a mini “United Nations” and he is one of best resources in APRA in the area of international research. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to Jay Frost speak or if you have not heard him present on specific topics, I highly recommend that you do so. He is engaging, funny and you will come away with something that you can apply to your own shop or work environment.” Michael Seymour , Exec. Director, Development Operations , USC

“Jay’s depth and breadth of experience in the field of fundraising is an asset to our profession. He has a keen understanding of the nonprofit sector and especially the important role of major gift donors. He has helped many organizations over the years in developing sustainable programs that position them to withstand market fluctuations. Jay’s generous nature and candid speaking style has also benefited many nonprofits through his presentations at conferences and his presence on the web. He always speaks to a packed audience!” Maria Semple , Owner , The Prospect Finder LLC

Jay presents a session at the National Catholic Development Conference

“Jay is an expert on international fund raising and other areas of development and philanthropy. He is an amazing speaker. I’ve known him for many years and I still remember one panel he sat on about 10 years’ ago at a NEDRA conference where he talked about being entrepreneurial about your own career. Always worth going to one of his presentations.”Nancy Faughnan , Yale University

“I first met Jay at a CASE conference in pre-Katrina New Orleans. Among so many conference presenters over the years, Jay has always stood-out from the rest in terms of his in-depth knowledge of his field to being extremely approachable and friendly. His talents, experience, and friendly demeanor makes him a highly valued asset to my trade organizations, APRA, CARA, and CASE.” Michael Urquídez , Director, Prospect Research & Management , Claremont Graduate University

“Jay spoke to the APRA-GA group at our fall conference on the topic “Making Your Own Luck: Black Cats, Broken Mirrors and Prospect Research” and was very well received by our group. His thorough knowledge and excellent presentation skills were much appreciated by our membership. I would highly recommend Jay as a guest speaker for other development and prospect research related conferences!” – George Kopec, APRA-GA

“Jay gave a very well-organized and detailed half-day presentation to my research team at Boston University on reading and understanding SEC filings and forms. The feedback from the group was tremendous, and they all loved Jay’s comfortable style and approachable manner. We are hoping to bring him back soon for another training session on International Research.” – Ellen Bryan, Director of Research and Prospect Management, Boston University

And here are just a few of the glowing comments on audience evaluations of Jay’s speaking engagements:

  • “Outstanding Session!  Bravo!!”
  • “Wonderful – approachable and user friely knowledge.”

    Jay speaks at the Philanthropy in the New Decade conference run by Hitachi America, Ltd. and the Pace University Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship

  • “Very timely; great presentation; All gift officers need to hear this!”
  • “Jay Frost is fabulous – dynamic speaker and great content.”
  • “Fantastic performance and thoroughly eye-opening!”
  • “Fantastic!!!!  Learned more than I ever have from any seminar – Ever!”
  • “Jay is so knowledgeable and inspirational.  Clone him.”
  • “Yay!  This was great!  Energetic, relevant, important!”
  • “Thanks for a clear, intelligent, creative and funny presentation!”
  • “Jay is an EXCELLENT speaker – funny, clear, relevant and interesting.”
  • “This was the best session I attended at this conference – the freshest subject and very well presented.”
  • “Best, most creative, thought provoking session I’ve been to in a LONG time!”
  • “Very interesting and revealing – opened a brand new world.”

To learn more about what Jay can do for your next meeting, send an email today to  jay@frostonfundraising.com or call 571-426-6214.